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Inside Fear of Nothing

The Introduction presents the key ideas of the book. It tells you, in just a few words, what the book is all about.

The introduction is worth reading a few times because it serves as a reminder that the problems of clutter and a busy schedule are fundamentally not very complicated. You don’t need to outsmart your to-do list — just overcome the fear behind it.



Clutter is more than an inconvenience. A busy schedule does more than leave you feeling exhausted. Together, they keep you from taking effective action. They keep you from living your life. They drain the color and melody from your world and turn each day into the same dreary struggle as the day before.

Life is simple. Clutter and a busy schedule make it impossible. Take away the excess stuff and tear up the to-do list — it can dramatically transform your life.

Of course, you’ve tried to do it. The answer to clutter and a busy schedule is harder than it looks.

It is hard because of a primal fear, the fear of nothing, that tells you to keep holding on to what you have — even when what you have is ruining your life.

You have so many things and so many things to do because of fear of nothing — and when you are ready to face your fear of nothing, the things you have will lead you directly to it. Then, little by little you can overcome them all: the clutter, the busy schedule, and the fear of nothing. And you will be astonished by the changes that follow.

Life never kept you waiting. It was you. You kept yourself waiting. And with no clutter and no to-do list, the things your life is really about will never have to wait again. You will discover the sense of adventure and freedom of action that you always knew life had to offer. You will wake up each morning to a new day. You can make this change — and there is no better time to start than right now.



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